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Stunt coordinator

Matt can offer support and advice for cast safety around action scenes and fight choreography working with the cast in rehearsal and training. Stunt doubles and specialist performers can also be used where necessary for technical and dangerous work and for larger action and stunt scenes involving vehicles, fire and fight sequences.

Stunt Performer

Matt is a fit, agile and tough performer.


  • Fights Scenes: Martial Arts and stylised fights to dirty visceral brawling
  • Weapons: Knife and sword, hand guns and automatic weapons, tradition classic period pistols
  • Vehicle work: ND driving, J turns, precision parking, reverse 180, Crashes, ND driving multi car sequences and Russian arm. 
  • FireWork: Partial and full body breath hold Burns with mask and without.
  • Water: Swim, breath hold, Drowning, tank and open water experience under water wire work
  • Falls: High Falls to Airbag, boxes, pudding mats, Stair falls, Balcony and bridge falls Falls to water
  • Wire Work: Jerk rams, manual pulls, Dead men, Wire flying, Wraps, travel rigs, slack lines, Rigging for safety work, Artist wire work and safety, bungee gags

Stunt Rigging

Often stunt and safety rigging is required for wire flying and access to remote, high or difficult positions for camera, cast or for a stunt. My rigging team can make this concept come to life with creative wire work from the simplest safety systems to technical blue screen VFX shots.