Stunt performance

stunt performer & Self coordinator

As a stunt performer/self-coordinator and in line with the current industry standards I’m able to coordinate and perform solo stunts and action without an additional stunt coordinator present. Im a fit, agile and tough performer, good with heights, fights, fire, falls, vehicles and wire work.

action coordination

for more complex stunt sequences

For larger action sequences involving multiple vehicles, fire, fight sequences, work involving the cast for rehearsal and training or what ever is required i can facilitate this with a highly experienced team including coordinators and performers.

Stunt rigging

for any requirement

Often stunt rigging and safety rigging is required to access remote, high or difficult positions for camera, cast or for a stunt. The rigging team i use can make this concept come to life with creative wire systems for Wire flying, Ratchet work, High access, Cast Safety.

recent productions